Rachael Ray Hard Anodized Cookware Set

Rachael Ray Hard Anodized Cookware SetThe Rachael Ray hard anodized nonstick 10-piece cookware set is a cooking appliance of immense value in the kitchen. This is because it contains all the pans necessary for equipping one’s kitchen with the cooking pieces that are most applied. Its user gets to use each and every pan in the set, since it has only the basic pieces. The set contains a Stockport that is covered: covered saucepans, covered saute, and French skillets.

The saucepans are excellent for cooking morning oatmeal or making a homemade sauce, while the Stockport is perfect for soups, boiling spaghetti or soups. The skillets are probably the most used pieces in the set and can be used to make grilled sandwiches or delicious crepes. The saucepan can be used to prepare many of the meals made by a skillet, although it has deep sides to carry extra capacity for one-dish meals.

Some of the best features of the Rachael Ray hard anodized cookware set that make it stand out from other cookware is its aluminum core. This makes it lighter than the other products, hence it is much easier to use. It also has a durable non-stick finish that makes easy to clean. Its smooth and hard exterior finish makes it easy to maintain, while the clear lids give the cook a chance to observe how the food is cooking. Despite the fact that the lids tend to get hot, this problem can easily be solved by using rags to hold them. In addition, the pan’s handles stay cold and can thus be used to hold the cookware.

Cleaning up the Rachael Ray hard anodized cookware set is a piece of cake, irrespective of what the set has been used to cook. It is suggested that the set be cleaned by hand washing it as opposed to using a dishwasher. All that is needed is washing liquid and some warm water. Using a dishwasher to clean the set can make the outside of the pan to turn into a grayish color. Perhaps the greatest feature of this cooking set is its price and availability. One can buy it at any of the local retail stores nearest to them. Those who prefer online shopping can easily order it though their favorite home shopping channels.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, the Rachael Ray hard anodized cookware set also has some demerits and cons. Perhaps the biggest setback is the inability to clean the pans and posts using a dishwasher. However, this can be easily solved by hand washing them. Another demerit is that some of its silicon handles and lids become hot while cooking is going on, making it uncomfortable to handle them. Wearing mitts while cooking does the trick. In addition, every pan and pot contains two small bolts on the inner side of their handles. Such bolts make cleaning cumbersome, while they also hold pieces of food while cooking is going on. However, such demerits are minor and can easily be overcome by just being a little bit patient.

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