Hard Anodized Cookware Set

Hard Anodized Cookware SetThis Hard anodized cookware is non-stick cooking utensils made up of aluminum material dipped in acid bath and then being subjected to electric current. Due to this electro chemical process applied on the aluminum, a hard oxide layer forms on the surface. This layer is generally harder than the regular steel utensils but also make the cookware lightweight.

Rachael Ray Hard Anodized Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set review

1. This hard anodized cookware setcontains six quart covered stock pots, 1 to ½ and 3 quart covered cause pans, 3 quart 10 inch cover saute and 8-10 inch Fresh skillets.

2. There are hard anodized utensils with aluminum construction coupled up with non-stick finish.

3. The handles provided are soft gripped and are safe to use even in the heat of 400 degree F.

4. The glass lids given allow monitoring of the cooked food.

5. All the utensils are advised to be washed by hand.

Hard Anodized Cookware SetThe benefits of hard anodized cookware set

Some of the benefits of using hard anodized cookware are that the non- stick finishing is highly durable and is also very easy to clean. There are instructions provided with the cookware and you can easily follow them while washing these utensils. Even if you keep them unwashed for the night, washing them in the morning won’t be a problem. You need to just soak the dried food for few minutes and then rub it with a sponge.

When you cook food in these utensils, the whole part is evenly exposed to the heat and there is no dark spots left on the utensils. The metal or glass lid provided can get hot at times due to heating. But the handles provided on the pans stay cool inspite of the heating and you can easily lift the utensil. These handles are rubber coated therefore transferring them from the oven will not cause any problems for you.

These hard anodized cookware setare really very attractive, all the surfaces are properly finished. If you decide to buy them, you won’t face any complaint, since these are of high quality. Many users have tried this cookware set and love their experience with these utensils. They like the appearance and the light weight. Since they are easy to use and also get heated up on lower heat which saves energy for you. This cookware set will give you perfect return for every dollar spent. You do not have to worry about sticking of the food even if you forget to add butter or oil at start. This is indeed a product coupled up with good price as well.

Some drawbacks

1. Little bots that are attached to the handles of the pan sometimes get dirty. So, you are advised to clean them on regular intervals.

2. Although these utensils are not advised to put through dish washers but cleaning them withhands isn’t a hassle at all.

3. One of the silicone handle in the utensils tends to become hot if exposed to high heat. Try keeping the flame away from the handle bars. Otherwise it won’t be a problem to lift the utensil using the handle.

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